Promoting Healthier Communities through Proper Hand Hygiene

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), proper handwashing and hand sanitizing can prevent disease and illness. The CDC Foundation, in collaboration with CDC’s Waterborne Disease Prevention Branch and with support from Staples and GOJO, released a new suite of handwashing materials that promote proper hand hygiene to prevent transmission of illness and infection and improve community health.

The new materials, which are part of the Life is Better with Clean Hands national campaign, include radio public service announcements in English; and posters, social media graphics, web banners and stickers in English and Spanish. As the world observes Global Handwashing Day on October 15, the CDC Foundation encourages the use of these materials to educate adults, including parents and caregivers, people cooking at home, and people using public restrooms about the importance of handwashing and hand sanitizing in protecting community health.

“Many diseases and conditions are spread in the community due to poor hand hygiene,” said our president and CEO, Dr. Judy Monroe, in a press release  announcing the new materials. “Our partnership with GOJO and Staples on this initiative is a great example of the power of partnerships in protecting public health through educational resources that help communities stay healthy.”

Check out the new Life is Better with Clean Hands campaign materials and find out how you, your friends and family can be better protected through proper handwashing. 

Busola Saka is the communications director for the CDC Foundation.